Are You Willing To Succeed? Yes Or Yes!

This book is a guide for all the people who want to have change in their life but are not able to do it and keep wondering why they are not able to do it. Most people commit the folly of working hard on their job and then working on themselves. You must learn to manage yourself first. After reading the powerful insights in the book, the readers will have gained the knowledge to manage themselves, which in turn will help them succeed in any endeavour. There are times when you are confused between the easy way and the right way. This book will guide you to choose the right way easily. Often we try different tasks but we do not change our perspective. We want new results with the old mind-set and things do not change for you because you do not change, ending up in the abyss of despair. After reading the book you’ll be able to help yourself to get out of your pitfalls; low self-esteem, unnecessary worries, anxieties, distress, and grief. And then, you will be able to manage yourself in a better way. That does not mean the obstacles will disappear from your way, but as you can mind your mind and manage yourself, the obstacles will be the opportunities for you to shine and come out victorious. You’ll jettison the unnecessary burden that you have encumbered yourself with and come out head first in any endeavour you are willing to succeed in.









Who Should Read The Book?


In this award winning book, Manish Dwivedi has systematically outlined the various steps to succeed in one's endeavours. He identifies for the reader the various factors that prevent a person from achieving their goals. He dives deep into the various realms of the human mind and reveals how some of the basic human tendencies can be stumbling blocks on our way to success. The book has a rich collection of the author's first hand experiences gained in the process of working with people from various walks of life. Accounts of the author's own very personal journey through life's difficult terrains are inspiring as well as touching. The book is, beyond doubt, a very effective guide for the success seeker.

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Best tool to revamp our thought process

When I bought the book after reading the title I was expecting that it would be like other motivational books out there. But once I started reading I began to realize how our thoughts in daily life shape our personality and how it can be changed in positive way for better life.
The book is aptly divided into small topics to get clarity of each aspect one by one systematically. Author has not just given quotes which you will think that will bore you but has given very good examples and dialogues to put forth his point effectively. To give an example, in chapter relating to Emotional Adulthood he has taken help of our daily thought that pops into our mind when we see our friend who has bought a new car and we turn it into jealousy towards him. To counter this author has explained how we can convert this negative feeling of “Jealousy” into an “Inspiration to Achieve”.
While reading the book I was able to relate my daily thoughts to the contents given in the book with the help of examples and it felt easy to steer the direction of my thoughts into something fruitful.
Very much satisfied that I read the book. Also as the book is small just around 100 pages, it doesn’t give you fear even when you begin. One more reason to go for it I guess.:-)

what I was feeling and now I’m on the path to feeling healthy and productive once again”


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