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An engineer by profession, Manish Dwivedi is an accomplished orator and life skills trainer as well. If we describe more specifically, he is a great life transformation catalyst. He is also a certified Advanced Leadership Bronze and an Advanced Communicator Silver from Toastmasters, California. He is an ardent cycling enthusiast. He has a great passion for cycling. He loves to travel and his wanderlust has taken him to practically every part of the country, but the love of travelling still keeps increasing. Through his one to one sessions, he has helped numerous people achieve emotional maturity and has set them on the way to achieve their goals. In other words, he has transformed many a lives by creating a balance in psychological stress and mindset. A spiritually inclined person, Manish Dwivedi is a keen observer of the mystical strings of life.

After a tumultuous journey through his teens and early Adulthood, he turned to Yoga and subsequently to “Vipassana” to find the mental and physical peace. He has been deeply influenced by the great teachings of Gautam Buddha. He believes in the power and nobility of ‘giving’ and has efficaciously positioned himself as the focal point energizing the destiny of people around him, while on his way to his destination.

Manish has penned down a book “Are You Willing to Succeed” to achieve his target of transforming lives. Through this book, he has tried to reach out to all those people, who he thinks can achieve emotional maturity by getting familiar with all the things one should possess to keep up his motivational maturity flowing high. He has used all his experience, gained in different fields of life to pen down this life changing book.